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What to do on Labor Day?

May 1, 2018. 3am.

I know, but I decided to start my day early so I won’t be late for my reservation. It was scheduled for 8am but excited as I was, left home at 4:30am after a full breakfast with a full-packed small knapsack.

Arrived in Cubao at around 5am and rode a Cogeo 2 jeepney (25php) right along Aurora Boulevard. The ride was quicker than taking the same ride later that morning; so, I got to Cogeo before 6am. The jeepney to Paenaan (16php) was right across the road from the drop-off. Told the jeepney boys to drop me off in Cabading at the Upper Marikina River Arc. Then, the final commute — a tricycle ride (60php) to Sapinit, where the ATV Center was located.

I wasn’t planning on blogging, really; I went there for the adventure. To just enjoy it and have fun – the best way to celebrate a non-labor day! Wait, what? Was it not labor day?

But the moment I look at the wonderful shots of Marlon, our tour guide, I felt compelled to share it with you guys. Just in case you want to experience the same adventure as I had.


The beast!





What is exciting about the ride is me being able to control the direction of the vehicle. Are you a control freak as I am? Haha! There are a lot of things in life that’s just hard to maneuver and, being a teacher for some time now, I had my fair share of rough roads. I have kids that I love, whom I know they have that potential but they are not trying their hardest. And there are these kids who don’t really care at all – and it’s so frustrating! The lesson is – as perfectly said by my co-teacher – there is only so much we can do as mentors; it all depends on the kid.

So, to get my hands on this monster’s stirring wheel released all my stress away!



By the way, I registered for the Marikina River tour. It’s a 3-4 hrs adventure from San Mateo down to Marikina then back up in rough roads, river, bridge, mountain views with some detours, a lot of adventure and awesome adrenaline rush (3,500php). So, worth it, I promise!

This is your kind of adventure if you are looking for a memorable, fun and exciting way to spend a holiday, whether you are alone, a couple or group of friends.

I have posted more pictures on this page ATV Adventure in Rizal.

The company, ATV Adventure Rizal has several other adventures at different price ranges. Check them out as well on Facebook through ATV Adventure Rizal.


I am a sojourner. Wanderer and wonderer. A work in progress. Stops at nothing. Full spirited.

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